Are you facing foreclosure and want to save your property? By talking to an experienced loan modification lawyer, you can get the facts and find out more about your options. The attorneys at Albareda & Associates, P.A. have helped hundreds throughout South Florida reduce their mortgage payments and save their homes.

What is a Loan Modification?

A mortgage loan modification is when the original terms of a mortgage contract are modified, usually to reduce the monthly premium to an amount that the borrower can afford. There are several options which may include extending the life of the loan or reducing the interest rate.

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Are You Faced With One Or More Of The Below?

  • Currently facing foreclosure
  • Behind on your mortgage
  • Want to reduce your interest rate
  • Want to lower your monthly payment
  • Owe more than your home is worth

Our mortgage loan modification attorneys can help you make your home more affordable!

Learn more about your options when it comes to mortgage modification.

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